West Sacramento

Bio: I am a California licensed Private Investigator with over 40 years of investigative experience. I have authored over 250 publications, articles, pamphlets books and training programs on the subjects of Investigation, Homeland Security, WMD's, Counter Terrorism, Financial Crime, and Arson at the Federal, State, local and international levels. I am the author of the Homeland Security First Responder Certification Programs, the U.S. Aviation Administration Airfield Safety Officer & USTSA Certification Education Programs, State of California BSIS Campus Security/Safety Officer Certifications and Weapons of Mass Destruction Education programs.I also offer classes and conduct Paranormal, Financial Crimes, Mystery Shopping Investigations and recently conducting classes on “Mind Control and Remote Viewing”. Father of four children; one Stepdaughter and four Grandchildren.

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  1. Hi my name is Michael Bertera,

    I am a man of many different experiences and talents. I began my life like any teenage boy living during the Vietnam Military Action.I lost many classmates to the war, however I was classified IV-F from the military. I was a Law Enforcement Cadet and student.To my surprise I ended up being one of the youngest US Government Case Officer/Undercover Agent.in a Domestic Spy Operation regarding Domestic Terrorism.From there my career escalated throughout government agencies, later Task Force Leader; Director of a Major”Government Think Tank” Senior Consultant (Local;State; Federal and International business and governments ;Private Investigator/Arson Investigator/Insurance Adjuster; Educator ; Author of over 200 plus education text books and publications.Approximately three weeks prior to the September 11,2001 attacks on our nation, I completed the US Federal Protection Building Security education program regarding Counter Terrorism and later one of the first approved combined US Congressional and US Department of Homeland Security “First Responder” education; including US Airport/Campus Safety Officer and Weapons of Mass Destruction (Federal/State) Certifications. .

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